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Frame Name
VR Mirror(c)
Click the Model that Looks Most Like You
Frame and Model are Not to Scale
Model 1 Model 6
Model 2 Model 7
Model 3 Model 8
Model 4 Model 9
Model 5 Model 10
Lens width: mm | Bridge: mm | Front Width: mm

Suitable For: Single Vision: | Multifocals:
| Best For Small Heads

Since the brightness, tint density and monitor resolution displayed can vary on each monitor for the identical image even on those hooked up to the same computer, the color displayed, frame size and shape may not be an exact match
to the frame you will receive.

To adjust location of frame on model
Move your mouse over the frame on the large face so that your pointer changes to a Move symbol indicator, then press and hold your left mouse button to align the frame.
Using the VR Mirror can only give you a general impression of the appearance of the frame on a face. This will not guarantee a precise fit. Please make sure to check the frame measurements below before making your final decision.
Frame and model are not to scale.
Scroll down to see your order details and to  place your order  
Frame Name: Color: 
  SKU: 11000
Frame Measurements
Lens Width   Bridge Width Temple Length Front Width   Lens HGT  
mm* mm* mm* mm* mm*
*mm = Millimeters        1 inch = @25mm

$6.55 shipping no matter how many pairs you order on one invoice.
We Ship
 We ship all order USPS Priority mail

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  Please make any changes below for your new order  

Select Quantity:

Now Select your lens style and options (adds to Frame price) 
For more information just click on the

Lens Type:
Lens Color: Select 1 only
Lens Material:
Styles may be limited
UV Coating:
Anti-Reflective Coating:
Total prism amount, (i.e. 1.5OS + 1.5OD = 3 total
Entry 1: Your Rx information

Standard power ranges +/- 10.00 sphere, Cylinder +/-5.00, Add power to +400, Prism up to 5 per eye
If your RX is outside these ranges we're sorry we can not help you at this time
 NOTE: for entry purposes an RX written as -125 is the same as -1.25"




Add (Bifocal Power)

Right (OD):
Left (OS):

Due to complex nature of prism if your RX requires prism you must fax or email us a copy of your Dr's RX.
We will confirm the Prism required and update your order if needed.

 We strongly urge you to fax (866-616-6059) or email to a copy of your Doctors RX so that we may verify your prescription as we can not be responsible for RX's entered incorrectly.
Entry 2: Your PD (Pupil Distance) Information

PD's may be written in several forms:
Option 1: a single number which is your Distance PD (example 62)
Option 2: Two numbers the 1st is your distance PD  the 2nd number is your near PD  (example 62/59
Option 3: Monocular PD - this is a separate number for each eye (example  32/32

Only 1 PD# (the distance) is REQUIRED to make your eyeglasses - the 2nd number is sometimes given by your optical professional and allows us to more customize your eyeglasses for your needs. 
If you have both numbers please enter both.

PD Entry:
Right or Distance

Left or Near

You may not have 2 PD measurements
on your RX Don't worry we only need one to produce your eyeglasses.

Entry 3: Any special instructions or needs you may have
Special Instructions:


By placing an order for such products,
you agree to be bound by and accept these terms and warranties.

We ship to US addresses (including overseas military) only at this time only

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