Re-Lens your old (own) frames

Have an old frame you just love? Buy a frame on eBay? Given a frame? We can help. Let us put your new prescription in that frame. We make it simple for you. Just select your options below, enter your new RX when requested and send your frame to us at: We recommend that you include a copy of your Doctors prescription with the frame that you send us.


3910 NE 48th Ave
BLDG 512
High Springs, Fl 32643

When we receive your frame we will send you an email that your order has entered the lab for processing. We can even take your PD off your old glasses.  We can even mount lenses in specialty frames, inserts, sports goggles etc.

Even though we take all precautions with patient supplied materials due the age and condition of patient supplied materials we can not be responsible for breakage. Frames during the manufacturing process are subjected to stresses far beyond those that they experience during normal usage. This is where most breakage occurs in patient supplied frames.

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All Eyeglasses Include
  Free Anti-Scratch  Free Cleaning Cloth  Free Hard Case
100% Satisfaction 1 Year Frame Warranty
$6.95 shipping no matter how many pairs you order on one invoice.
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 We ship all order USPS Priority mail

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Now select the style of frame you will be sending in to be relensed

Please note we recommend a lens height of at least 28mm for a multifocal lens
Frames with a lens width over 58mm will be considered oversized and may incur additional charges when frame is received.
Metal Plastic Semi-Rimless Full Rimless Insert/Other/
Sun Wraps
Metal Frame Plastic Frame Grooved Mounting

semi rimless frame
Drilled Mounting

Rimless Frame
insert Frame 
sunglass wrap frame
 +9.95  +5.95
 +$14.95  +$69.95

Now Select your lens style and options  

Lens Type:
Lens Color:
Lens Material:
Styles may be limited
UV Coating:
Anti-Reflective Coating:
Total prism amount, (i.e. 1.5OS + 1.5OD = 3 total
Entry 1: How will you send your Rx information


Standard power ranges +/- 10.00 sphere, Cylinder +/-5.00, Add power to +400, Prism up to 5 per eye
If your RX is outside these ranges we're sorry we can not help you at this time
NOTE: for entry purposes an RX written as -125 is the same as -1.25"




Add (Bifocal Power)

Right (OD):
Left (OS):

Due to complex nature of prism if your RX requires prism you must fax or email us a copy of your Dr's RX.
We will confirm the Prism required and update your order.

Rx Written By:
We strongly urge you to fax (866-616-6059) or email to a copy of your Doctors RX so that we may verify your prescription as we can not be responsible for RX's entered incorrectly.
Entry 2: Enter Your PD (Pupil Distance) Information

PD's may be written in several forms:
Option 1: a single number which is your Distance PD (example 62)
Option 2: Two numbers the 1st is your distance PD the 2nd number is your near PD (example 62/59
Option 3: Monocular PD - this is a separate number for each eye (example 32/32

Only 1 PD# (the distance) is REQUIRED to make your eyeglasses - the 2nd number is sometimes given by your optical professional and allows us to more customize your eyeglasses for your needs.
If you have both numbers please enter both.

PD Entry:
Right or Distance

Left or Near

You may not have 2 PD measurements
on your RX Don't worry we only need one to produce your eyeglasses.

Don't have your PD? If you wish leave them blank and we will use a standard PD for adult males of 62 and for adult females 59.
To make the most accurate eyeglasses for you it is always best to have your actual PD

Entry 3: Enter Any special instructions or needs you may have
Special Instructions:


By placing an order for such products,
you agree to be bound by and accept these terms and warranties.

Are you keeping my credit card number?

No. To keep the payment transaction as safe as possible we’ve chosen
PayPal and TransFirst to manage the payment.

The entire payment process runs on their secured websites without any way that we can get access to your personal payment details

We ship to US addresses (including overseas military) only at this time only

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