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Bob The eye guy
The easiest way to find the right frame size for you is to compare the dimensions to a comfortable pair of eyeglasses you already have. Set a range around the dimensions of your current frame. Need more choices? Broaden your search range. Most people can wear a broad range of sizes depending upon the look you are trying to obtain. Try different combinations of search parameters to narrow your search down to a perfect frame for you!

Frame Measurments
Eye Size: from to mm*

Bridge Size: from to mm*

Temple Length: from to mm*



Unisex styles appeal to men and women both
Women's styles are more colorful and feminine
Men's styles are more masculine
Kid's styles are best suited for our younger and smaller patients

*mm = Millimeters        1 inch = @25mm     Need a millimeter ruler? Print one here (printable ruler)

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Small (Hat size 6 3/4 and below) small heads  
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