Are you really saving by being a member of a group vision plan???? 

In most case probably not.

One leading "Vision Plan" is nothing more than a glorified discount plan that changes a monthly fee of $7.95 for member benefits.

Let us look at what you are really "Saving".

For a years coverage you will have paid them $95.40 for the privilege of having "Vision Coverage". If you don't purchase anything you are already behind almost $100.00. This is what they hope you will do - they know not everyone will get new glasses each year.

So say you want a new pair of glasses and an exam - just exactly what do you get for your $100.00 already spent?

1. You get a regular eye exam for a co-pay of $10 - not too bad but they charge you "extra" if you want your eyes dilated. Dilation lets the Doctor do a complete examination of your eyes inside and out.

2. The right to buy a pair of glasses from their "insurance" collection at a discounted price. For example if you wear regular lined bifocals you can pick one of their insurance frames and receive regular plastic lenses of only $79.95. 

Oh you say you want scratch coating and ultraviolet protection - that will be a bit more!

Lets talk about their "insurance frames" they are hoping you'll like nothing in their collection so that for just a little bit more (do we hear $$$$$ here) you can upgrade your frame selection to a more current style.

Well I hate to tell you I wouldn't put my dog in their insurance frames - that's what their counting on with you.

So lets do a little math here and see what you "insurance" got you - if you use just the basic benefits.

$95.40 in premiums
$10.00 Exam co-Pay
$79.95 For basic insurance bifocals in "insurance frame"

$185.35 Total - for the "privilege of using you insurance benefits for an eye exam on one very bad looking frame.


Now let's take a look at what you'll get at JEMoptical.


Your cost $$179.95 - you just saved $5.40 and you got TWO pairs of GOOD looking glasses!


Was having "Vision Insurance" worth it? - What do you think?


STOP overpaying for Eyeglasses!