Simple Frame Repairs

If you wear eyeglasses, then I'm sure you've had the experience of having them break or something becoming loose.  Everyone who wears or has worn glasses, has gone through this. Sooner or later your eyeglasses will break and you will need to repair them at least make them wearable until you can order a new pair. This is why we always suggest that you have a least 2 pairs of eyeglasses.

Every pair of eyeglasses can break even the most expensive, well built designs don't survive the simplest of accidents. While fixing them can be annoying and frustrating, simple repairs can be easy. All it takes is an inexpensive eyeglass repair kit, and you can perform most minor repairs on eyeglass frames.

Here are a few simple to steps for you the next time you are stuck trying to fix your eyeglasses.

Before you can fix what's wrong you need figure out what's wrong. We recommend using a nice magnifying glass to try and find the problem which is in need of repair. Most of the time, the problem is small and difficult to see such as a loose or missing screw or a broken hinge on an arm.

If you find it's a stretched out hinge to repair this, you first will get a pair of needle nose pliers  to bend the hinge gently back into place. Be careful not to scratch the lenses or frame. Covering the tips of the pliers with a piece of masking tape prevents the lenses and frame from becoming scratched or damaged. A very small rubber band or rubber ring, found in many eyeglass repair kits, can also hold a loose hinge in place.

Maybe a screw is loose on your eyeglass frame. This is fixed by tightening the screw with the tiny screwdriver that comes in your eyeglass repair kit. After tightning the screw in the frame,  dabbing a little clear nail polish on the hinge screw will hold it firmly in place. Don't forget to let the polish dry before putting the glasses back on.

Lost a screw. Your eyeglass repair kit will have replacements, replace the screw with one of the screws found in the kit. As a temporary fix miniature safety pins, or a paperclip can also work by slipping into the screw hole and bending it over. Never force the screw into the hole if it won't fit. The last thing you want to do is strip the threads.

Sometimes the metal hinge will break from the frame. This happens most often with "spring hinge" frames where the spring inside the hinge breaks To repair this, you'll wash both surfaces and then try to scrape as much paint or glue away. Then using a toothpick, lightly dab on some super glue to the break. Be sure to keep the two pieces held together for about a minute or two so the glue can dry and set. This is only a temporary fix as in most cases you won't be able to close the hinge again - but it will give you some time to order new glasses.

One final problem with eyeglass is the ear-piece slipping off the frame. Simply, re-attach it back on with a little supper glue.