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Frame Measurements

Every frame has five measurements listed as illustrated Below. Lens Height and Lens Width are measured from the inside edge of the rim, and does not include the thickness of the rim itself. The temple length is measured along the curve of the temple, not directly from the hinge to the tip.

Pupillary Measurements (PD)

This measurement is used to determine where the center of the lens is to be positioned in front of your pupil when your prescription glasses are made.

It is recommended you ask your optician or Doctor for your pupillary distance measurement. Nevertheless it is a simple measurement which can be taken yourself but for best results we suggest asking a friend to assist.

Simple steps to taking your PD (pupillary distance)  measurement

  • First remove your glasses!

  • Then have your friend sit directly opposite you positioned at eye level.

  • Remaining still, have your friend cover their right eye and position a millimeter ruler on the edge of your right pupil.

  • Next, have them cover their left eye and record your pupillary distance measurement by measuring to the same edge on your left pupil.

  • REPEAT the above steps to double check

  • This is your pupillary measurement (PD)

 the PD in the above example is 56mm.

By supplying us with your most accurate P.D. measurement will ensure the most accurate prescription glasses are supplied to you.

Download a printable ruler and instructions ( PDF here)


Multifocal Heights
Unless otherwise stated in your order (in special instructions section) our Opticians will follow the measurements determined by our 


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